Planning a Trip to Victoria BC?

Why not pick up a free ticket to Miniature World
inside our virtual world, the Isle of Minutia?

If you have a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop,
simply go to and signup for a pre-citizenship account
and download the free software used to enter Minutia.

Hike around our 3D virtual world and look for the 'Object of our Challenge'
HINT: First you are looking for a rooftop Helicopter. Click it once and wait for it to fly you to a special place. Look carefully on the ground for our One Day Pass Ticket nearby where you land, and take a screenshot of the nearest house you see.

* Please note only one free ticket awarded per person per month.

When you find the house, simply capture a screenshot
from any angle, then Click on the Ticket and send your screenshot to us!
The first person to send us the screenshot wins a free One Day Pass to Miniature World!

When you find the 'Object of our Challenge', click the ticket
you see there (example shown above) and submit your screenshot.

It is fun and easy! Try it today. - Click Here to get your free pre-citizenship and 3D software

  • Free Ticket expires six months from the date it is awarded.
    Good for one single admission into Miniature World

Capturing a Screenshot:
While you are in the Isle of Minutia you can toggle the Toolbar menu option by hitting CTRL F2. This menu will appear at the bottom of your screen, looking at the 'Object of our Challenge' simply snap a Screenshot by clicking the camera icon as shown.

This will save your screenshot automatically to the screenshot folder within the Active Worlds folder. Take note of the path and image number captured.

Finally use the Browse option in our form above to attach and send us your screenshot verifying you have indeed found the object of our challenge!

If yours is the first one we receive you will be contacted with a Free One Day Pass to Miniature World, good for up to six months from the date we send it to you!. Miniature World reserves the final decision on the authenticity of screenshots submitted before issuing free One Day Passes.

Look for the next 'Object of our Challenge' on our website and Facebook Pages